GINGER.wav - Entry 002

So when I started this song, I was going THROUGH IT. Not only couldn’t I find the right drums but mannnnn I had a bad cold/sinus infection. Hence the glass of orange juice.

With this song, I began with the drums. I had a tempo/melody in my head and used the tap-tempo on my Komplete Kontrol keyboard. I have it mapped out to control Ableton, as well as Komplete’s own VST plugin. The Komplete Kontrol is an amazing tool I feel that every produce should consider investing in. Ever since I’ve gotten it, it has helped in my process and pushed me to create more creative and evolving music.

I eventually found my drum selection with Maschine. I started only with hihats and snares.

The melody is something I came up with in Komplete. Once I came up with that, the drums followed.

Brandon McCadneyComment