Real, agape love is what has kept me, and inspired me to create this project. As creators, as students, as musicians, as seamstresses, as moms and dads, we all, one way or another, have reached a low point where we doubt our capabilities, and begin to face issues such as lack of confidence, and losing our sense of identity. Unfortunately for me in 2016, that was my story. I failed in 2016 to deliver my best because I allowed misconceptions of who I thought I was into my life, which was contrary to who I was/am supposed to be. Each time I tried to make music, it lacked.

To be more specific, I started a creative and social media brand where I picked up a big client that was willing to pay me whatever it took to build an effective digital presence for them. It was major! But it took away from the passion I love the most: music. I accessed myself, prayed about my next move, and followed my heart with music. I ended my brand and contract with my client on good terms, but it was very tough to get through that, but worth it.

I overcame with love: it was the love that Christ has for me, the love and encouragement of my beautiful fiancé, and it was realizing my initial love with music. LoveWaves is the end result of connecting with a passion once and for all, and reestablishing my identity and confidence.

The quickest way to fail is to hop on the bandwagon. I encourage you to determine your own measurement of success and effectiveness, connect with your passion, pursue it, work hard it at, and embrace it. Don't let social media, or others around you influence your goals. There's only one 'you' that there will ever be. Be the best 'you' that you can be. The world has enough 'them' and enough 'followers.' It needs uniqueness. It needs originators. It needs you. It needs 'us.'

I wouldn't be creating this project if it hadn't been for the love, advice, and patience from my fiancé. For that, I dedicate LoveWaves to her. 

Thank you OrlandoVaughn for working with me on Goliath. Thank you Teresa Jenee for Love Ultra. You two are geniuses and I truly respect and admire all of your works. It means more than you know to have you on this project.

Thank you Kim Wells for the amazing art execution.

Thank you Eric (Nyne2Fyve) for mixing and dealing with all my annoying texts and waking you up on FaceTime to finish my mixes.

Thank you Jupiter Studios for mastering LoveWaves.

Thank YOU for reading my story and listening.