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St. Louis-native music producer and violinist Brandon McCadney, by way of Mad Keys, blends elements of soul, hip-hop, and electronic music to produce eloquent, groovy synth-filled tunes. His debut project, LoveWaves - EP, was released in November, 2017 with collaborations from the sounds of Orlando Vaughn and Teresa Jenee. Keys' takes up his spin of boom bap and hip-hop sounds from J Dilla and Madlib to Taylor Mcferrin and Sango.

Although Mad Keys is known for his hip-hop and soul-filled electronic music and key work, he's also a classically-trained violinist. His journey as a violinist began in the 4th grade. Later in high school, he began his journey into beatmaking which led to him producing beats for his friends, and picking up the keys in high school.

Keys' studied public relations and music during his undergraduate studies and played in the Symphonic Orchestra and studied under Brandon Christensen at Southeast Missouri State University. During this time, he learned to play music by ear, which led him to incorporate violin into the music he produces.


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